As a business and recruitment consultancy company KNOX offers not only high expertise and transaction know-how in the actual M&A process. Due to the different strengths of our consultants we can also provide you with assistance in your search for company successors, interim or MBI managers and also support team or integration processes. And we are also very familiar with the topics of financing through equity capital and/or borrowed capital. All this regardless of whether you are involved in production, in the service area or in commerce.


We help you with company acquisition.

For many years the KNOX team has been supporting regional medium-sized enterprises, international corporations, family holdings and financial investors with their shareholdings and company purchases. The motives may be strategic or opportunistic, the objectives already specified or still to be identified by us. We would be glad to be with you on the buyside.

We are your reliable partner

for selling a company

The KNOX team has for many years been successfully implementing company successions in medium-sized enterprises, helping firms to part with sub-segments or financial investors to dispose of investments. In individual cases it can also involve selling the shares of individual shareholders or replacing an investor. Let us help you to place your company or your company shares in the right hands.

We seek the right solution

for your capital requirement.

Not every step in the history of a company can be dealt with out of its own resources. So it is sometimes right and proper to take investors on board, take out borrowed capital and explore funding possibilities. The KNOX team has been working with investors for many years who apply a variety of criteria in terms of their shares, and maintains close contact to various funding partners. If you have the right use for resources, we take care of the corresponding procurement of funds.